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Tulsi mala is a pure and natural substance and it is of great importance for Hindus. They worship Tulsi plants every morning because they have a strong faith that Tulsi removes evil eyes and negative things.

According to the holy book of 'Geeta', Maa Lakshmi was born on the earth as Radha Rani, Tulsi name was Vrinda and she was a wife of the demon Jalandhar, who was killed by the Lord Vishnu.

After knowing this sati Vrinda, always being angry and sad, demands Lord Vishnu that she should continue to be on earth in the form of Shaligram I. e. Sheela. In this tough situation Lakshmi requests Vrinda to release her husband from this container. Goddess Vrinda accepted her request and released Lord Vishnu that evening on the condition of being with her before and afterwards she became Sati.

When Vrinda became sati, a plant was grown from her ashes and this plant was named Tulsi which was given by the Brahma ji. Tulsi plant is consecrated from sati Vrinda. Tulsi is also known as the mother of good happenings but nowaday we keep Tulsi with us either on vacation or a business meeting in the form of mala.Yes it's true that now you will get the original Tulsi mala in Vrindavan. Below we will learn what is the rule of wearing tulsi mala.

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The Vedas recommend that in the present age the most effective means for achieving self-realization is to always hear about, glorify, and remember the all-good Supreme Lord, who is known by many names. One of these names is “Krishna” which means “He who is all-attractive,” another is “Rama” which means “He who is the reservoir of all pleasure,” and “Hare” indicates the Lord’s inconceivable energy.

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Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

Follow these rules to wearing tulsi mala

  • Before wearing Tulsi mala, one must present it before Lord Vishnu. After that mala is purified with Pancha Gaya and then the ' mula-mantra' is recited.
  • The second step is that you have to recite Gayatri Mantra eight times. When the Gayatri Mantra is completed, you recite the Sadyojata Mantra.
  • The people who are wearing Tulsi kanthi mala have to avoid alcohol, non veg food, garlic and onion.They can only eat satvik food.
  • Before wearing the Tusli mala you have to wash it completely with Gangajal. When it's completely dried you can wear it.

Wearing Tulsi mala has many benefits

Original tulsi mala gives many benefits after being worshipped by Hindus which is cherished by Lord Vishnu, hence she is named Harivallabha. Tulsi mala benefits many people and this is the reason Tulsi became very popular for Hindus. Wearing Tulsi mala removes negative things from your life and gives you success in your work always. Reciting mala in your house on a daily basis can remove evil eyes and bad vibes from your house.

Tulsi can fulfil your all wishes if you do jaap pure heartedly. Before doing jaap you have to take a proper bath. We particularly focus on business partners who are attached to Tulsi mala ISKCON and who wants to purchase their products. We sell all colours or Tulsi beads but Tulsi mala in silver colour gives more shine and it attracts many people. So if you want to buy original Tulsi mala, you can order from our website which in www.originaltulasimala.com.